• Why is Education Changing in BC?

    Why is Education Changing in BC?

    B.C. has a strong education system, but there is no denying that our world is changing rapidly. New jobs are constantly being created, and technology is changing the way we communicate and connect with each other.

    Under BC's Education Plan, our system will be more flexible, dynamic and adaptable to better prepare students. A more personalized approach to learning is already happening in schools around the province. Now, we want all B.C. students to share in these changes.

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  • How is education changing?

    BC's Education Plan is based on one principle: every learner will realize their full potential and contribute to the well-being of our province. We will focus on student-centered learning, ensuring the needs, strengths and interests of each student is a priority. Students will play a larger role in their education. Teachers will work collaboratively with students and their families. We will see greater flexibility in how a school operates. And, we will use technology as a key tool for students.

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  • Personalized Learning

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