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Paws it: The Marketing 12 Class at Columneetza Secondary School have collaborated with the Junior Achievement Volunteer team to design, organize and operate a real business over the past few months. They have made a difference to animals in need by selling silicon wristbands, with the net proceeds donated to the local Williams Lake SPCA.

The Marketing 12 Class at Columneetza Secondary School in Williams Lake have been participating in Junior Achievement's Company Program this Semester:

International ASCD Award goes to Burnaby's Byrne Creek Secondary.

In Their Own Words: A video created by students at Dease Lake School for the Indigo 'Love of Reading' Grant Proposal. The Story shows the beauty and remoteness of our region. As well, it focuses on the importance of our library with enhancing literacy in the school and the community.

How My Teaching Has Changed:

VCPAC Proposal for a Classroom Support Fund (PDF, 108KB)

The Flipped Classroom (infographic):

Example from a Kelowna math teacher: "Flipped Learning" has the kids do the content acquisition (the lesson) at home and then do the practice (application, what we generally think of as homework) in class.

The Voice On School 10 years later (Student voice Report 2007):

The School Completion and Beyond Forum was organized and facilitated by students from seven school districts in the Lower Mainland. A graphic recording of the day created by artist Avril Orloff provides a visual representation of student suggestions generated during roundtable discussions about what actions they think it would take to implement the 5 elements of the plan.

The Environmental School Project: Since August 2008, the project has been working to bring together the community of Maple Ridge to establish a public K-7 school and learning centre. The theory and practice of the project is supported by Place-Based, Imaginative and Ecological Education.

Some other environmental education programs can be found at the North Vancouver Outdoor School, and the Nature School and Outdoor Learning Program in Sooke.

Glog put together by Rose Pillay about education in Finland. A glog is a different way of virtually combining and sharing information on a topic.

Theme Three: Flexibility and Choice (Dec 20 - Feb 8)

The Learning Commons in BC showcases the transformation of traditional academic libraries to the learning commons model. The video helps explain how the environment and services provided in a learning commons setting is so valuable to a student’s learning experience.

The Energetic Learning Campus located in Fort St. John, SD 60 opened its doors to students and staff September 2011. ELC is a campus of North Peace Secondary School - a unique structure located in the Pomeroy Sport Centre which offers students a venue for recreational activities and a new space to learn.

CCL Evolving Education: Learning in the 21st Century is a three-part series that presents viewers with compelling questions about the way we educate students and offers successful, if provocative, answers. The series celebrates three case studies that reflect the ideas of John Abbott, an advocate of cognitive apprenticeship.

Thomas Haney School: A day in the lives of Thomas Haney students – inviting, interactive, personalized learning, fun!

Coal Tyee Water Project: This assignment was all about making a difference when it comes to water, but now these students see a bigger picture, it's about helping others less fortunate. Using project based learning, the students have studied and completed their research and now understand how and why they should conserve water.

Theme Two: Personalized Learning (Nov 18 - Dec 20)

Intergenerational Student Project video (Williams Lake):

Self Designed Learning Program Resource website:

Wildcrafting student created video about sustainability (Powell River):

Automotive Dual Credit:

Theme One: Why Transform Education? (Oct 28 - Nov 18)

In Delta, students are finding new ways to reflect their individual interests and learn at the same time. To find out more about their work click here:

Peace River South School District is exploring technology-centered approaches to learning. They’ve done a “CSI Project”, which incorporates multiple subject areas, including science, social, English and math. Their goal? Solve the crime using all of the subjects and skills students have learned, in a hands-on, active participation method that engages and interests students. To learn more about this work, visit:

The Learning From Classrooms project helped struggling readers through teacher and student collaboration. Watch a short video clip of the project here: and the full documentary here:

At Victoria High School, students have access to a large seawater aquarium, touch table and dissecting scopes so they can observe, touch and research marine creatures they would normally just see in a textbook. They have also launched a marine website, where they can share their research findings with other students. To find out more, visit: