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Growing innovation in rurual sites of learning

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Growing Innovation video projects on the Rural Teachers Website:

Experiential Learning Initiative (E.L.I.) at Marie Sharpe Elementary in Williams Lake (SD No. 27)

Great Ideas from Canadian Leaders: Kevin Lynch on Labour Markets: How well is the Canadian education system preparing students for the opportunities and challenges of the future?

Community of Learners
A group of Nanaimo teachers, in collaboration with faculty in the teacher education program at Vancouver Island University, have been creating innovative learning environments for their students by focusing intensely on inquiry-oriented teaching and learning. This work is grounded in formative assessment, and in a value system that is developed with students, called the Community of Learners, which seeks to create the atmosphere of safety and support that is required for students to take risks. Their work was submitted to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and was selected as part of their ‘Inventory’ of examples of effective learning environments. This inventory consists of approximately 40 case studies from the 34 OECD member states. Read the case study.

Personalized Learning: Student Perspectives on BC's Education Plan
Read the students' perspectives on the BC Student Voice website.

Through a Different Lens:
Through A Different Lens is a teacher led project sponsored by the Vancouver Foundation. This project involves teachers from grades 1-12 who are focusing on alternative methods of instruction and assessment to help all students succeed.

Innovated Partnerships:
This video covers a partnership between School District 47, PRESS (Powell River Educational Services Society),Plutonic Power, and the Klahoose First Nation. See how innovative partnerships can help both the educational and economical future of British Columbia.

Graduation Requirements and Transitions to Post Secondary or Work

Project Heavy Duty
A partnership between School District 60 (Peace River North) and the businesscommunity providing students with hands-on experience in servicing and operating heavy duty machinery. 

School District 47 (Powell River) Brooks Outdoor Adventure Tourism Training Program
Equips students with the skills and certification to find employment in a variety of outdoor careers.

Yes 2 It Program
Grade 7 students in Williams Lake get hands on experience learning the trades as part of the Youth Exploring Skills to Industry Training (Yes 2 It) Program.

B.C. School District 59 and Its Community: Teaching Skills Deliberately Building Ownership for Skills-based Learning Outcomes
School District 59 has pioneered the development of performance criteria relating to individual employability skills against which students, teachers and employers can assess students’ skills development.

Northern Opportunities – Supporting Personalized Learning Options
Northern Opportunities is a partnership of several northern BC school districts, First Nations colleges, and industry to provide young people with a seamless learning pathway from secondary school to post secondary training leading to career success.

Jumpstart Your Career
A video produced for the Saanich School District that highlights trades training programs for high school students.

Industry Training Authority
The Industry Training Authority is the provincial crown agency responsible for overseeing B.C.'s industry training and apprenticeship system, providing a skilled workforce for industry and career development opportunities for British Columbians.